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Why do smokers like low tar cigarettes nowadays?

There are many people who smoke, but the harm caused by smoking cannot be ignored. Many people hope to be able to smoke while the harm of smoking can be reduced. so now low tar cigarettes are very popular, and a lot of large industrial enterprises are paying more and more attention to the tar content of cigarettes. Because we usually smoke the smell of cigarettes and aroma, are derived from the tar. So why reduce the tar content of cigarettes?
Because when a cigarette burns, it goes through a complicated and magical process. According to the scientific research, cigarette lighting will go through three stages. In the first stage, the temperature rises to 300℃, and tobacco volatilization begins to form smoke. The second stage, 450℃, tobacco gradually coking; At 600℃, the cigarette begins to burn.
So if you want to reduce the harm of cigarettes, you have to reduce the tar content of cigarettes. What is the measure of tar content of cigarettes?
In general, a cigarette containing more than 10mg of tar is a high-tar cigarette, and between 6 and 10mg of tar is a medium tar cigarette, and between 4 and 6mg of tar is a low-tar cigarette. If the tar content is less than 4mg, it is a very low tar cigarette. Now with improved technology, the tar content of cigarettes can be reduced to 1mg.
I believe, with the progress of The Times and the development of technology, the harm of smoking will be improved, which will be the good news for those who smoke. If smokers want to buy cheaper Newport cigarettes, they can buy them from our USA Cigarettes website. The cigarettes we offer are medium tar, which is a good choice for regular smokers, and you can save a lot of money.