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There are several flavors of cigarettes

There are many smokers in the world, and everyone has their favorite cigarette taste, so the taste of the cigarette determines the success or failure of this cigarette, then do you know how many flavors of cigarettes?
The first kind of caramel sweet flavor, this kind of cigarette aroma is rich and full, caramel sweet flavor characteristics prominent, smoke mellow, the overall sensory quality is balanced, enjoys the reputation of "the crown of incense".
The second type is the fragrance type. This kind of cigarette mainly uses fragrance type leaves as the main raw material. The taste has a slight sweet taste and little irritation. It is a natural taste and can give people a natural and fresh feeling.
The third type is the strong fragrance type, which uses the strong fragrance type tobacco leaves as the main raw material, the aroma is rich and rich, the smoke is delicate and long, and rich in layering, can provide a satisfying aftertaste, and it will sweeten the life after smoking , Harmony and comfortable feeling.
The fourth type is the middle-scent type, which uses the middle-scent tobacco leaves as the main raw material. The aroma is between the fragrance and the strong fragrance, but it is more inclined to the fragrance type.
The fifth type is sweet and fragrant type, the main raw material is sweet and fragrant tobacco leaves, the aroma is fresh and sweet, and also clear and sweet. Based on the original fragrance of tobacco, with some fresh, sweet, fruity and floral fragrances, the fragrance is fresh and bright, delicate and elegant, and the taste is sweet and comfortable.
The sixth type is the mellow type. The mellow type cigarette is based on the strong flavor type, and on this basis, it is inherited and innovated to make it both roasted and sweet. Rich aroma, mellow aroma and elegant quality. It requires both a mellow and rich aroma, and a sweet and comfortable taste.
The seventh type is the original flavor, mainly the original flavor of tobacco, which is more natural, highly pure, and less irritating.
The eighth type is the Mianxiang type. The Mianxiang type cigarettes smell very fragrant and have a long mouthfeel, a sweet aftertaste, and a strong ability to retain moisture.
The ninth type is a refreshing fragrance. This cigarette has the unique freshness of natural ecological tobacco leaves and the transparency of the smoke after the nose; and the smoke of the cigarette is very moist after entering the throat, and has a good deep moisturizing Water lock technology. Tobacco leaves also have a natural scent and upgraded mellow flavor.
The tenth type is the herbal flavor, which is to add the extract of herbal extracts with pharmacological effects to cigarettes, and to detect the active ingredients of herbal extracts in cigarette smoke by chemical methods.
This is the ten flavors of cigarettes, do you know now, so what flavor of cigarettes do you like?
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