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There are a lot of smokers in China

I can say that as long as there are people everywhere, there will be smokers.Cigarettes are really a very popular product. People all over the world are smoking. Do you know the number of smokers in China, and the number of teenagers among them?
According to the latest survey, China is the country with the most smokers in the world, followed by India, and the United States ranks fifth. Some people even smoke several packs of cigarettes a day. 76 percent of smokers have been smoking for more than 10 years. The percentage of men who smoked was 89.5%, compared with 10.5% of women, and the older they were, the more addicted they were. The post-90s are the generation that smokes the most. As the new generation entering the society, the post-90s are under great pressure.
Among these smokers, 6.9% of teenagers smoked and 19.9% tried smoking. Why? Because the minor's general mind is not mature, to see some classmates smoking is "cool", is the embodiment of maturity, so they also learn to smoke. There is also due to the social habits of the contemporary, because now the young people entering the society, no matter what to do, in the campus cadre selection, evaluation, social relations, will choose to send a carton of cigarettes or a few as a gift, this is the most direct and effective method. Finally, because of the current social pressure, smoking also alleviates negative emotions in my heart.
Nowadays, many people in the society will choose to smoke to ease their moods, but after all, smoking is harmful to health. As a new force in contemporary society, the post-90s should be full of sunshine and positive energy. If you encounter setbacks in life, you can choose other Ways to resolve emotions, for example, exercise is a good way to relieve stress, but also can vent the inner emotions, because exercise can produce dopamine, making people happy.
In a country with so many smokers, I may often be hurt by second-hand smoke, but anyway, a healthy body is the focus of life. Of course, if you are also a smoker, and you especially like American cigarettes, you can contact me. The Newport cigarettes and Marlboro cigarettes we provide are the cheapest. You will love them. This is the product most Americans want to see.