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The best-selling cigarette types in China

China has a long history and the birth of cigarettes has been for a long time. There are many different types of cigarettes in China. With the progress of the times, the quality of cigarettes is being upgraded and innovated. Among the many types of cigarettes, the most popular cigarettes are Which ones?
The first is the Yellow Crane Tower cigarette. This cigarette brand is one of the famous cigarettes in Hubei Province and one of the brands of high-end cigarettes in China. The tobacco leaf of this cigarette uses pure natural biological agent Pule liquid to effectively improve the quality of cut tobacco and improve the taste comfort. Since its birth, a variety of products have been launched. Among them, Yellow Crane Tower 1916 has the highest popularity, and the smoke flavor is relatively strong, which is particularly good.
The second cigarette is the CHUNGHWA cigarette, which is the national cigarette of China and an outstanding representative of the Chinese cigarette brand. The main pattern uses Beijing Tiananmen Square, with bronzing Chinese characters and gold inlaid white fonts. It looks elegant and magnificent. This tobacco is superior in both shredded tobacco and tobacco leaves. It is still full-bodied and full-bodied on the palate.
The third cigarette is Yuxi. As one of the four kings of high-end cigarettes in my country, Yuxi local high-quality tobacco leaves are used as raw materials to present a most original fragrance. A strong visual sense is designed on the outer packaging. The tobacco leaves are oily and bright, the smoke is full and delicate, the clumpiness is better than the nasal warmth, the strength is relatively small and not heavy, and it is still very good. It is worth recommending.
These are the best-selling cigarettes in China. So as far as I know, the best-selling cigarettes in the United States are Newport and Marlboro cigarettes. Many people like to smoke these two cigarettes. It is just that our USA Cigarettes Online website provides these two cigarettes. Especially popular, if you like the taste of these two cigarettes, you can buy them from us at a low price.