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Smoking is harmful to health, why are there still many smokers?

There are many smokers in the world, everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health, so why do so many people smoke? In the final analysis, people are inferior, some people are alcoholic, some people are gamblers, and some people like smoking, although everyone knows that smoking is harmful, and second-hand smoke also affects the health of people around them. It is true, but it still cannot stop those smokers. Why is that?
First of all, although smoking is harmful to health, the harm is not obvious. It can be said that it is a very long process. People eat whole grains, plus some unhealthy living habits, will cause a lot of chronic diseases in the body, smoking causes lung damage; Liver damage caused by drinking alcohol; Eating and drinking too much cause damage to the stomach, etc., when you know it is harmful, or to make mistakes! Everyone has some bad habits, no one can completely eliminate them.
Secondly, cigarettes are a good social tool. Between people, when you pass a cigarette, the distance between you will shrink instantly. This is the charm of cigarettes. At the same time, it will be used in celebrations or funerals. As for cigarettes, cigarettes have become an indispensable part of people's lives.
Finally, it is difficult for people with addiction to quit cigarettes. Although smoking is a waste of money and harmful to the body, this has become a habit and hobby. Many people cannot make up their minds to quit cigarettes because they all have Cigarette addiction is difficult to quit. Even if you quit cigarettes, you will want to smoke when you meet other people in your life. They have repeatedly formed a dependence on cigarettes. They can even be said to be a spiritual sustenance. Those who do not smoke cannot understand.
Even though the disadvantages of smoking have a lot of, but still can't stop smokers to smoke, this is the trend of society, given the existence of tobacco this thing, someone will smoke, it is inevitable, so this is the reason why our cigarette is very sell like hot cakes, if you also like to Newport Cigarettes Online or Wholesale Marlboro cigarettes, use the lowest price to our here to buy cigarettes, you'll like it.