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Several cigarettes suitable for women

The current society promotes equality between men and women, so smoking is no longer the right of men, and many women have started to smoke, so many types of women’s cigarettes have appeared on the market, so do you know which cigarettes are suitable for women?
The first one is the ESSE cigarette. This is a Korean cigarette. Many women like this cigarette. At the same time, ESSE is also the world's number one superslim brand. ESSE cigarettes are mainly based on mint flavor and have a cool entrance, which is a classic cigarette style. Moreover, the ESSE cigarette has passed the nicotine test. The nicotine content of this ladies cigarette is relatively small, so it is very suitable for women to smoke.
The second one is MILD SEVEN. There are many MILD SEVEN series of cigarettes, which are generally the cigarettes loved by many women, and two of them are particularly popular with women. One is lights, which is usually called "Special Alcohol MILD SEVEN", mixed type, with a tar content of 8mg, and another type of superlights, super special alcohol, has a lighter taste, with a tar content of 6mg and nicotine 0.5mg. Many rebellious female writers always have its shadow. Someone once said jokingly: "I am very mild, but I am not seven." It is said that mild is a state of life, a state of soft taste.
The third one is Jiaozi Cigarette. Jiaozi X Cigarette is a lady cigarette with low tar content, but a refreshing taste. The shredded tobacco is added with natural ingredients such as mint and vanilla. There are several flavors such as mint, vanilla and orange. Generally speaking, this cigarette has a relatively light flavor. At the same time, the packaging is very fashionable and is loved by many young people. Show their independence, fashion and positive attitude towards life, showing elegance and exuding temptation.
These are the few cigarettes that I know are more suitable for women to smoke. If you like other cigarettes, you can also introduce them to us. However, Marlboro Cigarettes sold on our USA Cigarettes Online website are also very popular with ladies around the world. If you like Marlboro Gold cigarettes, you can try it. You will love the price and quality of our cigarettes.