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Prospects for the e-cigarette industry in 2020

2020 is a period of disaster, many countries are suffering from COVID-19, most industries are seriously damaged, and the industry prospects are very optimistic. And the epidemic may not end in 2020, how to persist in various industries is the most headache. So what is the prospect of the e-cigarette industry? Can it be maintained in the end? Some people think that the e-cigarette industry is still very promising.
Since the advent of e-cigarettes in 2004, the global market has continued to expand.In 2018, e-cigarette sales were about 24.7 billion U.S. dollars, and the number of users increased rapidly from about 7 million in 2011 to 40 million in 2018.It is expected to grow to 64 million in 2022 . However, these data are less than one-tenth of the number of smokers worldwide. China has always been the world's largest tobacco country. The number of smokers has reached 350 million, and the annual cigarette consumption is about 50 million boxes, accounting for 44% of the global total. But China's e-cigarette penetration rate is only 0.6 percent, compared with 13 percent in the United States, the world's largest e-cigarette market. The rapid expansion of the global e-cigarette market, the increasing number of e-cigarette users and the low number of e-cigarette users in China are all reasons to believe that e-cigarettes have great potential for development.
E-cigarettes have always been wanted by some users because they are less harmful and do not pose the threat of second-hand smoke. Secondly, e-cigarettes are now allowed to be used in many countries, so it can be said that many countries have an open attitude, so the market demand for e-cigarettes will be increasing.
However, in the grim situation of 2020, some people from all walks of life leave the field, while others stick to it. No matter what the future development of e-cigarette is, as long as people in the e-cigarette industry keep on, innovate and find new ways, the prospect of e-cigarette will be bright.
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