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Marlboro is the world's top cigarette brand

When it comes to cigarettes, the first thing people think of is that smoking is harmful to health. This is something that everyone knows. But for smokers, cigarettes is not only a cigarette, from a man to smoke cigarette can see the person's tastes and his social status. There are many types of cigarettes in the world, but there are not many cigarette brands that can be famous in the world. In China, the status of CHUNGHWA cigarettes is very high. So do you know other top cigarette brands in the world?
The first one is Lucky Strike special cigarettes. Don’t underestimate this cigarette. It can be called the most expensive cigarette in the world. Each box sells for 100,000 US dollars, which is equivalent to about 700,000 RMB. I was scared that I can buy a house with this pack of cigarettes. Real poverty limits my imagination. So why is this cigarette so expensive? It turns out that the cigarette case is plated with platinum and is inlaid with a diamond and a ruby. Rubies are made from the world's top tobacco, which is of course expensive.
The second one is Marlboro cigarettes. Marlboro can be regarded as one of the world’s best-selling cigarette brands, and it feels high-end just by hearing the name, and the packaging is also very unique. People can remember at a glance. The uniqueness of this cigarette is that Cigarette filter, I believe that the Marlboro advertising model that impresses everyone, is a very attractive western cowboy.
The third is the Parliament cigarette. This cigarette is a German brand. It is characterized by a recessed filter that can not only filter the smoke tar, but also cool the smoke inhaled.
We will introduce these three cigarettes temporarily, if you like one of them, you can contact me. I believe many people know that our cigarette website offers super cheap Marlboro cigarettes. We only offer Marlboro Red and Marlboro Gold cigarettes. If you are also a fan of Marlboro cigarettes, hurry up and order.