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Marlboro cigarettes in the eyes of the Chinese

There are many types of cigarettes in the world. Marlboro cigarettes is one of the world's famous cigarette brands. It is sold all over the world, and almost every smoker knows this brand of cigarettes. So do you know what Marlboro cigarettes look like in Chinese eyes?
In China, everyone calls Marlboro cigarettes "Liu Mang" cigarettes, "Liu Mang" means "gangster",why? First of all, because Marlboro has a cigarette called L&M, these two large letters LM, which stands for "Liu Mang" in Pinyin, so many people call it gangster cigarette.
Secondly, it is related to some people, because many people used to like to smoke Marlboro cigarettes, such as Wong Ka Kui, Chen Xiaochun, Chen Haonan and so on, This is the ancient puzzle of the Chinese people, and Marlboro cigarettes have appeared in many Hong Kong films´╝îso this is also marlboro is called rogue cigarettes one of the reasons.
The last point is that Marlboro means in French that a man does not forget the love of a woman, a story about a poor boy who likes a wealthy man. It also makes Chinese smokers think Marlboro is a rogue cigarette.
And in China, many people are not used to smoking marlboro cigarettes, because marlboro cigarettes in the United States are a mixture of cigarettes, which have a raw smoke flavor, while the Chinese prefer flue-cured cigarettes. But now Marlboro cigarettes are made in China to meet the demand of Chinese smokers, and the formula has been changed, so Marlboro cigarettes are still popular among Chinese smokers.
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