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How to reduce the tar content of cigarettes?

We all know that the tar content of cigarettes is closely related to the harm of cigarettes, low-tar cigarettes emit relatively less harmful substances in the burning process, so now many people prefer to choose low-tar cigarettes, which can reduce the harm brought by smoking.
So do you know how to reduce the tar content of cigarettes?
First, cultivate and popularize varieties of low-tar tobacco leaves. Different types and varieties of tobacco contain different chemical components and produce different amounts of tar after combustion. At present, the international community attaches great importance to the breeding of low tar tobacco varieties. There have been successful cases of low-tar tobacco varieties being developed.
Secondly, improve the filling capacity of tobacco. Because tobacco filling capacity is stronger, tobacco weight per unit volume is smaller, so cigarette weight and suction resistance to reduce, cigarette combustion more complete, combustion speed, the number of suction mouth to reduce, thereby reducing the amount of tar production.
Also, increase the dosage of three filaments. In the cigarette formula, the three filaments are expanded stem, expanded tobacco and thin filaments. According to the related research, the paper method tobacco thin slice has loose structure, strong filling ability, good burning property and lower tar release.
Finally, improve the cigarette filter, filter on tar filter effect is closely related to the pressure drop, the length of filter. The purpose of improving the filter nozzle is to dilute the mainstream smoke and reduce the amount of coke consumed by the human body.
All of these methods can effectively reduce the tar content of cigarettes, and I believe that the future cigarette market will be more inclined to low-tar cigarettes, because today's people are very health-conscious. Of course, if you want to reduce the harm of smoking, you also need to develop good smoking habits, such as drinking enough water before smoking, open cigarettes until a while before smoking, these habits can reduce the harm of smoking.
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