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How to prevent a cigar jacket from bursting

Many people like to smoke cigars. They may have experienced a sudden burst of cigars, which caused the cigar to be scrapped directly. So why is this happening? Is this due to improper cigar maintenance or operational issues? If you want to prevent the cigar from bursting, you must first learn how to conserve cigars, as well as some tips on smoking cigars.
The first point is how to conserve cigars so that the cigars will not burst? With regard to the maintenance of cigars, especially for non-Cuban cigars, these cigars produced from cigar factories have been packed into cellophane as soon as they enter the alcoholization period. At this time, the cigar will be in a dry state. Therefore, after purchasing cigars, it is recommended that the cigars take out the cellophane and put the cigars in a suitable moisturizing box for maintenance. Over time, the bursting probability of alcoholized cigars will plummet.
However, if the cigar absorbs the humidity too fast, the core of the eggplant expands too fast, and the eggplant can't withstand the intense tension and burst. It is recommended to use a sealed bag to seal the cigars, put an appropriate number of 69 humidification bags or other humidification methods in the sealed bag, and check the humidity in the sealed bag through a third-party hygrometer.
The second point is how to master the skills of smoking cigars?
In reality, many eggplants, especially novices, often have insufficient control over the speed at which cigars burn, and even mistakenly believe that cigars must be smoked quickly, otherwise they will die out. As a result, I found many unsatisfactory conditions, such as bursting, oblique burning, strange smell, burning sensation and so on. Under normal circumstances, the recommended suction frequency is 3 to 4 times per minute, that is, every 15 to 20 seconds to take a mouthful, this speed is the most ideal.
Cigar smoking is a chronic activity that requires enough time to age and settle, so smoking a cigar should not be too hasty. Slowly smoking a cigar is a process of enjoyment. Have you learned this knowledge about cigars now?
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