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Saturday 05 September, 2020 | RSS Feed

The impact of cigarettes on our lives

In our life, we can see everywhere "discourage teenagers from smoking, ban primary and middle school students from smoking", "Smoking is harmful to health, please do not smoke in non-smoking places "! Every pack of cigarettes comes with a noticeable reminder, but the range of cigarettes is growing.
We all know that smoking is harmful to our health, but in today's society, many times we can't do without cigarettes. Cigarettes are more than just a personal hobby. In many cases, they serve other purposes as well. For example, cigarettes are a lubricant for connecting feelings. When you want others to help you, pass a cigarette, and most people will help you at this time. When relatives and friends gather for a long time, and when they honor their elders, they will pass cigarettes, so that the feelings between people are naturally familiar.
But cigarettes can sometimes be a stumbling block. For example, several people together, if one of the addiction, lit a cigarette, do not care about the feelings of the people around, then the hearts of others will be very disgusted with you, because he does not smoke, do not want to smell smoke. So sometimes, smoking also need to pay attention to some smoking etiquette, so that non-smokers can understand.
So there are advantages and disadvantages of cigarettes, but smokers should improve their smoking diathesis, pay attention to the health of the people around, when they want to smoke, go to the balcony or smoking places.
As a result, cigarettes play a lot of roles in life. It's too complicated. Anyway, it's nice to enjoy your own cigarettes alone.
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