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Friday 04 September, 2020 | RSS Feed

Can we deliver cigarettes?

Nowadays, with the rapid development of society, the express delivery industry is also becoming increasingly prosperous. Many people will choose express items, which saves them a lot of worry and effort. So can cigarettes be mailed just like ordinary items? Are there any restrictions on mailing cigarettes?
First of all, cigarettes can be transported by express, and they are not prohibited items. However, according to national regulations, no more than 2 cartons of cigarettes can be sent at one time, that is, no more than 400 pieces. Therefore, when sending cigarettes, the regulations must be strictly followed, or they will face fines and other punishment measures, and even be detained in serious cases. Every country has strict controls on tobacco. Even private mail must follow the rules. No more than two cartons cigarettes can be mailed in a single time, and no cigarettes can be shipped without authorization. If smuggled cigarettes are found, they will be subject to the total a fine of 20%-50% of the value.
Then do you know why there is a regulation on the quantity of cigarettes to be mailed? Since the price of cigarettes may vary from place to place, it is reasonable for the National Tobacco Administration to control the price of cigarettes nationwide and avoid the phenomenon of selling cigarettes at a low price and selling them at a high price in different places. Therefore, it is reasonable to control the price of cigarettes properly so as to avoid chaos in the cigarette market.
So remember this rule if you ever need to mail cigarettes in the future. Have you learned it now?
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