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Thursday 03 September, 2020 | RSS Feed

Do e-cigarettes contain formaldehyde?

Nowadays, many smokers choose to smoke e-cigarettes and use e-cigarettes to quit smoking. However, e-cigarettes are also harmful to human health. Some people say that e-cigarettes will produce formaldehyde gas when they are burned.Is this alarmist or is it true?
This has caused a lot of fear among e-cigarette consumers, so don't panic. Let me explain.
In e-cigarettes, the main components of formaldehyde: propylene glycol, glycerin. The principle is: 8 kinds of volatile carbonyl compounds formed by the cracking of propylene glycol and glycerol; At high temperatures, the two substances crack, starting to produce formaldehyde. It takes temperatures above 400° C to fully release formaldehyde. However, the atomization temperature of most popular Pod small smoke in the market is controlled below 300° (it can't exceed 300° according to the structure and output power of the smoke bomb under normal operation). However, the formaldehyde content generated when the e-haze temperature is lower than 300° C. According to the experimental results of a certain brand, 10-15ml smoke oil is atomized within one hour, and the formaldehyde content generated is 0.08mg-0.09mg, which is within the "Indoor Air Quality Standard". This is based on the experimental results of unconventional mechanical operations, but in practice, it is understood to require a person to ingest and smoke 10-15ml of the oil in one hour without stopping. E-cigarettes contain formaldehyde, but within the safe range of national standards. Therefore, reasonable use of e-cigarettes under normal conditions will not reach the dangerous level of formaldehyde.
Although e-cigarettes contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde is also present everywhere in life. Cigarettes emit more formaldehyde than e-cigarettes. Therefore, the harm of e-cigarettes is still less than that of cigarettes, so everyone can safely smoke e-cigarettes.

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