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Wednesday 02 September, 2020 | RSS Feed

Why do Chinese think Marlboro cigarettes are hard to smoke?

There are many kinds of cigarettes in the world, and Marlboro is the best-selling cigarette brand in the world. So many Chinese people would like to try the taste of this cigarette, but many people are not used to smoking this cigarette, many people think this cigarette is difficult to smoke? Why is that?
Because the nicotine content of Marlboro is very high, many beginners will not get used to the taste of this cigarette, and maybe older smokers will like it better. Also, Marlboro cigarettes are raw, and because they are not rebaked, and because more burley is used in blended cigarettes, they have a strong, unadulterated, smoky flavor. In China, people smoke flue-cured tobacco, so many smokers don't like these mixed cigarettes. Mixed cigarettes are very popular in foreign countries, but in China most cigarettes are flue-cured tobacco, so that's the difference in taste between domestic and foreign people.
Of course, some older smokers like the strong taste of cigarettes, they may like Marlboro cigarettes, because Marlboro cigarettes have high tar content, strong taste, it is more suitable for older smokers of a cigarette.
In the United States, many people like Marlboro cigarettes because they are very familiar with the smell of smoke. The strong smell of smoke appeals to them. So Marlboro Cigarettes are still very popular in the United States. If you are a fan of Marlboro Cigarettes Online, check out our cigarettes website. You will find that marlboro Red cigarettes are very cheap.

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