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Monday 31 August, 2020 | RSS Feed

Why does the price of cigarettes go up?

All over the world, there are many people who smoke, but smoking is harmful to health, so for the health of many people, every country is doing various tobacco control measures, but in order to reduce tobacco consumption in the short term, the best way is to raise the price of cigarettes, control the quantity of cigarettes produced, and raise the tobacco tax.
Because if the price of cigarettes is low, it will lead to more and more people who smoke. Smokers generally believe that the cost of smoking a pack of cigarettes is not high and many people can afford it.But if the price of cigarettes is increased, it will be difficult for smokers with low wages to pay for these smoking expenses. Cheap cigarettes were previously available, so many people do not want to quit smoking, without restraint. Now the cheap cigarettes less and less, the market now smokers want to smoke will spend more money, so a lot of smokers will naturally give up smoking,This also reduces the smoking rate from another aspect, making some people "forced" to quit smoking. It also saves some money for many people and is more beneficial to health.
That's why the price of cigarettes goes up every year. I believe many people would like the price of cigarettes to go up, which is better for the smokers themselves and the people around them.
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