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Wednesday 09 September, 2020 | RSS Feed

Russian cigarettes introduction

There are many kinds of cigarettes in every country, Russia is no exception, but there are always some best-selling cigarettes. Do you know which ones are popular in Russia?
The first is Sobranie Black Russia. The price of a pack is 30 yuan, which is quite expensive. This cigarette has a beautiful appearance, with Black cigarette and gold filter tip, which looks very gorgeous. In the taste, this kind of cigarette is a mixed type of cigarette. The cigarette has a small strength, but it has a lot of smoke. There is no sense of satisfaction, but when you smoke it, you will feel a little like a cigar.
The second is Russia Classic Black, priced at 14 yuan per pack. This is a thin cigarette with a dark body and hollow filter tip. It is relatively light and has no smoke taste, but it has a strange fragrance. It is not strong and suitable for women and beginners.
The third type is LD (cigar type), a pack of 12 yuan.It is cigar shaped, but it is a thin cigarette. It tastes like chocolate, with large smoke but small strength, and does not stimulate the throat very much. On the whole, it's ok, but occasionally it's nice for a change.
The last is Marlboro Red(Russian Version), priced at 15 yuan a pack. This cigarette is light in taste and has a light milk aroma when smoked. It tastes good and has a light smoke taste. It is suitable for many people to smoke. If you're also a fan of Marlboro cigarettes, this one is for you.
Although different types of cigarettes are popular in each country, Marlboro cigarettes are popular all over the world. Many people in different countries like Marlboro cigarettes. If you want to buy Marlboro cigarettes cheaply, come to our USA Cigarettes Store and you will definitely find something.

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